Monday, January 19, 2015

Six Months In...Weight Loss Update (Week 26)

I'm at week 26, which means that I'm halfway through my first year of my new lifestyle. On July 19, 2014, I signed up to be a Beachbody coach. What I knew, was that I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been (not being pregnant), I wasn't happy with how I looked or felt, and signing up as a coach meant that I was going to get started exercising and try to make some changes. What I didn't know yet, was that I really was going to stick with it and see results, it was going to affect so many more areas in my life than JUST my physical fitness, and that I would be so excited to help others start on a similar journey.

I've been leading an accountability group, that we call a "challenge group," for the last week (really, two weeks with the "introductory week." If you don't know what a challenge group is like, basically, everyone works out on their own to a Beachbody program of their choice. The group typically lasts 4 weeks, and the group members commit to eating healthy and drinking Shakeology. I was excited to start it, because I know every one of them from different points in my life. They all were excited to get started and ready to be healthier. I have been SO BLOWN AWAY at how they have all supported and encouraged each other. It's so exciting to see! And I know that they'll see some great results soon.

During the last week, I've still been back on track with my working out motivation. And I guess with my eating, too. I am doing a hybrid of Les Mills' Combat (martial arts-based) and Les Mills' Pump.(weightlifting), but I decided that I was missing my weekly flexibility that I've gotten used to. The Pump program does have a yoga workout, called Flow. However, I didn't like it as well as X3 Yoga, so one day last week, I felt like I needed to just do that workout, so I did. Then, I decided that I'm going to modify my hybrid workout schedule. It's pretty much set up to do the Pump workouts on Mon, Wed, and Fri with the Combat workouts on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. I decided to keep it that way, except change the Saturday workout out for either X3 Yoga or one of the PiYo workouts in order to get some flexibility in there. And I'll do those on Sundays before I go to church.

So, yesterday I did PiYo Sweat. I felt like I was seeing an old friend that I hadn't seen in a while. I also could see some improvement in how I did, compared to what I was able to do back in August and September. It was pretty cool!

I do have to say, two weeks ago I fell when I was walking down my porch steps, and I bruised my tailbone. It still hurts, and it's kept me from doing certain moves as fully as I'd like to. But, I think it's starting to feel a little better, so hopefully I'll be back at 100% pretty soon.

Anyway, this week I lost another pound. I have to admit, it does feel good to see the numbers going down again. But, even when I wasn't, I knew that ultimately my healthy choices were paying off in how I felt and how my body was responding. So, if you're on your own journey, and you aren't seeing weight loss like you'd like, just stick with it and know that you're getting stronger and healthier.

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