Sunday, January 4, 2015


Confession time. I haven't worked out in a week.

I totally was planning to. I had the 21 Day Fix program workouts typed in my iPhone calendar (although I later decided that I was going to actually revisit my PiYo workout). I finished P90X3 on the 27th, and I was planning to start my next workout on the 5th. But I got sick. Since I was between programs, I decided not to push myself, and just to let myself get some rest. Also, we went out of town on the 1st and just came back today. So, other than walking around Disney yesterday, I have not had any normal exercise since the 27th. And I FEEL it. I miss it.

I'm ready to get back into my exercise routine, because it just plain makes me feel a lot better! Granted, I've been sick, so I'm sure that contributed to how I've been feeling, too. But I've missed the energy, the confidence, the overall healthy feeling that my daily workouts give me.

So, I start back tomorrow. Ready or not.

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