Wednesday, February 4, 2015

28 Weeks Later...Progress Pictures

For anyone who hasn't read my journey yet, I was at my heaviest weight in July 2014. I was not very happy with how I looked, but I had pretty much zero motivation to do anything about it.

Then came Beachbody. After signing up as a coach, I participated in accountability groups that helped provide the motivation that I had been missing. I have now lost 26 pounds, plus 7 percent body fat and 7 inches in my waist. Woohoo! And I feel SOOO much better! I'm not done yet, I still have about 9 to 14 pounds that I want to lose.

This last week in my Pump and Combat workouts (I'm doing a hybrid schedule of the two that was created by Beachbody), it was more of a transition week, kind of like how P90X3 is set up. Instead of lifting weights with Pump, it was more High Interval Intensity Training, so there were some plyometric-type exercises. Whew! I was exhausted. But the next day, I really felt it. Now this week, I already started a more intense Pump workout, so again I'm really feeling it in my back. I can't wait to see even more progress.

Here are some progress pictures.

After participating in a few, now I'm leading some of these groups myself. Maybe you're wondering what the groups are like. Basically, the participants commit to working out at home to a Beachbody program of their choice, drinking Shakeology, and eating healthy everyday. The group is done on Facebook as a closed group, so only the participants can see what is posted. Each day I post a tip, a motivation, or some sort of prompt, and the participants check-in each day. I've seem some great interaction, and everyone gets motivated and helps support each other. And we're starting to see some weight loss, some changed mindsets, and just feeling better overall.

If you think you'd be interested in participating in one of my groups, please complete my challenge group application form.

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