Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's the Little Things-Weight Loss Update (Week 27)

This week, I will just put it out there that I didn't see much progress. In fact, even in looking at myself, I feel like my stomach is looking bigger. I know this is not the right mindset to have, since it's probably a little self-defeating, but that's what has been going through my head. And it may be a little true. I unofficially changed my ratios of proteins, carbs, and fats. I think I'm eating a little less protein and a little more carbs than I had been, so that may be the reason for the progress stopping. The program that I'm currently doing has their eating plan set up differently than the previous two programs that I've done. The previous ones will tell you to eat, for instance, 5 proteins, 3 fats, and 6 carbs (and they break some of those even further). This one just gives you some recipes, but doesn't really recommend what ratios you need to do, so I've been loosely staying with what I had been doing with P90X3, but not as strictly. In fact, I haven't been too careful about snacking.

So I think I need to reread some of my previous blog posts and remind myself of all of the things I've said about non-scale victories and all of that. One thing that I noticed this morning, that after about a month of lifting weights with my Pump program, I did push-ups today and found it even easier than it had been when I was doing P90X3. (I didn't have to do as many, but you know, it still counts!) Also, I can see overall that I'm not as wide as I used to be. And I'm pretty pleased with the progress in my legs so far.

Anyway, no additional weight loss this week, BUT I'm getting stronger! Sometimes, it's just the little things!

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