Monday, December 29, 2014

P90X3 DONE! Before-After Pics


If you haven't read much of my story so far, just know that my husband and I started the original P90X back in 2008. We probably made it about 5 or 6 weeks, then never continued. Then we tried to start again, and I don't think even went a whole week. I tried to do the yoga workout a few times, as well, but it was so long.

Anyway, that being said, in July I became a Beachbody coach and started my journey to getting more fit. I started with the program PiYo, which I think is a great way to get back into working out if you haven't for a while. It really improves your flexibility, too.

PiYo was an 8-week program, so when I finished that, I moved on to P90X3. Let me just tell you, that I LOVED it. And honestly, even though it IS an accomplishment that I finished it, working out everyday (with rest days) has become so second nature, that it almost doesn't feel like the accomplishment that it is.

This would normally be a weight-loss update post, but honestly, I'm still at the same weight that I have been for just over a month. I've lost 23 pounds since July 26. In the last month, I've gone back up a pound, lost it again, and maintained. And I guess, if you look at what most people do, the fact that I made it through Thanksgiving AND Christmas without gaining any weight is pretty great. I did keep working out, but I wasn't so strict on myself with my eating. I pretty much tried to stick to the routine, but I allowed myself more cheats than I normally would. So, I have to say, that I thought my after pic today would be worse than November's, but now that I look at them side-by-side, I don't think it is. I'm not sure what was up with my lighting, though.

P90X3 Before and After Pictures
Progress after completing PiYo, P90X3, healthy eating, and drinking Shakeology
So what's next? After a little bit of figuring things out, I've decided to do a hybrid program of Les Mills' Combat and Les Mills' Pump. Unfortunately, Beachbody will no longer be selling those once their supplies run out. I'm excited to start it. I won't be starting that until Jan. 5. At least that's the plan. Stay tuned for more weight loss, though!

Also, if you are wanting to start your own journey, I'd love to help you through it. Connect with me on facebook or leave a message to let me know, and we can go from there.

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