Monday, May 4, 2015

Weeks 39 and 40: Scaling Back (Or not)

(I got a little behind so I'm catching up by combining these two weeks.)

I have mentioned this before, but I pretty much get on the scale every morning, "just to see" how I'm doing, but for my official "weigh-in," I only count what I weigh on Fridays (or sometimes Saturdays). But this week, I thought I would try to go the whole week without getting on the scale. I've realized that when I get on everyday, I tend to get lax when I start to see the numbers going down. "Oh, I've got this, I'll be down this week." So when I'm feeling a little craving for a doughnut, "Well, I can afford that," and I eat it. I've also realized that I've been acting more like I'm trying to maintain my weight than trying to LOSE weight still.

So, like I said, I thought I'd go sans scale this week, but I just couldn't do it. I was making good nutrition choices, and I just felt lighter, so I wanted to see what the weight was. I couldn't resist getting on to see. But actually, a friend told me that she read something that said people who weigh everyday tend to lose more weight than people who don't. I guess it just depends on how you use the information, then. But hearing that just gave me more support to step on everyday. And I started writing all of them down in my planner, just to document it. One thing I've noticed is that how well I sleep has seemed to make a difference. I know that sleep will definitely make a difference in the long-term when trying to lose weight. And of course, sometimes just what I ate the day before can make a difference (like sodium and water-retention).

Anyway, I don't think that I can do only a weekly weight-check after all. That's okay, I'll just stick with what I have been doing.

Round 2 of P90X3 has been going great! I feel stronger, like I did the first time I went through it. I think I'm pushing myself a little bit more, particularly on things like squats and lunges. Pushing myself to go lower. Or pushing myself to keep going. Here are my pictures from the last two weeks. Oh, I did skip my day 13 workout because we were at Disney and stayed out at Magic Kingdom way too late, so I did NOT want to get up and work out. But I did get a ton of steps that day from walking! (I discovered the new iPhone operating system has a built-in pedometer. More on that in another post.)

Here is my final weight loss progress for the last two weeks. I'm holding steady right now. Well, really, my last post (week 38), I was 160. Then for week 39, I actually went up to 161, so I'm pretty pleased with the 159!

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