Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 38: Round 2 Begins

I first went through P90X3 from September 29 to December 27. I really liked it, and I was so proud of myself for completing it, since I had never before completed P90X (or, really, any workout program).

I thought about going through it again at some point, but I wanted to try a couple of other things out. Then, I did a combination of some of my favorites. But I really like the idea of going through a program and completing it. Especially when it is formulated to get you in good shape. I also wanted to see what my results would be when I pushed myself even more than I had before. When I was starting off in even better shape than I had been when I started the first time.

So, I started my second round of P90X3 on April 6. I still love it. My first week is done, and I'm feeling the pain (good pain). I decided that for this round, I want to take and share a picture of myself working out everyday. This is something that I did a lot already during P90X3, but since at heart I am a digital scrapbooker/memory keeper, this is kind of like my own little Project 365 (or in this case, Project 90).

So one thing that I noticed this week is that I have been still acting as if I'm trying to maintain my weight, rather than still actively trying to lose. So even though I think it's okay to once in a while splurge, I'm just doing that a little more often than I should. So it shows in my results. But at the same time, my waist went down a half-inch. So maybe my 2-pound weight gain this week was really muscle. I guess we'll see... 

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