Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week 35: It's Always Something

I actually first thought about this a couple of months ago but never wrote about it, and now I'm thinking about it again, so I decided to write about it now. Throughout the year, it seems like there is always some reason to indulge with food. You know, that feeling of it only happens once a year, so I've got to have some [blank]. Or that feeling of it's tradition, it just won't feel like [blank] unless I have some [blank]. Here is a look at my personal "events" calendar by each month.

January-college bowl games and pro football play-offs. For us there is usually this desire to have pizza or wings or nachos, you know, FOOTBALL FOOD.

February-Superbowl, Florida State fair, Valentine's day, Girl Scout cookies. This is apparently a heavy month. You start off still with the football food. Then, if I go to the fair, I want to have some good fried oreos or something like that. For Valentine's, of course, I want chocolate (although I didn't really do that this year, well, except we went to Disney ON Valentine's day, so I did splurge.) Then, you know, Girl Scout cookies are only available for a limited time.

March-spring break, my birthday. Not that spring break HAS to call for food, but there is this feeling that I'm on vacation, so it's a little easier to get a little lax. And my birthday this year has been bad for my eating. I wanted some donuts or cinnamon rolls.

April-Easter. The first of several family get-togethers in the next couple of months in which we do a potluck dinner, which means tempting desserts.

May-Mother's Day, (teacher appreciation). Another family get-together event that can have tempting desserts. And now, of course, I'm a mother, so I "deserve" it. And usually teacher appreciation week brings a whole bunch of food (Panera breakfast, Chick-fil-A lunch, ice cream one afternoon, etc.), but this year I'm not at just 1 or 2 schools, so I probably won't be bombarded with it like I usually am, which is probably a good thing.

June-wedding anniversary, Father's Day. Often, Jason & I would go to Kobe's for our anniversary. Then, I usually wanted some sort of dessert (like Cold Stone.) Then Father's Day is another family get-together.

July-4th of July, vacation. Actually, other than usually wanting a hot dog, the Fourth of July is not that tempting of a holiday for me foodwise. But the last couple of years we've been doing our family vacation right around that time, so we usually splurge a little.

August-                 . Wow, I actually don't typically have anything major in August. Other than going back to work, which is not really cause to splurge. My one good month.

September-fall, daughter's birthday. So, at first I only had my daughter's birthday listed, but then I realized that September is always when I'm ready to start eating pumpkin muffins or other goodies like that. I at least usually try to make the kind where you mix the pumpkin with the spice cake mix (and we ice it with just a little bit of cream cheese icing.) Then, my daughter's birthday. Since she's only 3, she's still having birthday parties, which of course means cake.

October-hub's birthday, Halloween, and still fall. On his past birthday, we went to Kobe's. But even if we just go somewhere else, there is still the temptation to splurge just a little bit. As for Halloween, of course, it's usually just a candy thing, which sometimes I can take or leave. But it's still a possibility. And since it's still fall, there is still the pumpkin muffin temptation.

November-Thanksgiving. That doesn't really need any explanation.

December-Christmas. Neither does this.

So what is my point in saying all of this? I guess I realized that there is ALWAYS something that only comes once a year, that makes you feel like you need to indulge. But, since there is always something, I'm realizing that I need to be even more selective than I have been. Wow, it can be hard to stick with the good choices consistently. But since nutrition can really make or break your fitness progress, I know I need to make better (consistent) choices.

As for my current weight, I'm about 2 to 3 pounds above my lowest weight so far (thanks to those cinnamon rolls, I guess.) I'm still working out, but I did notice that coming off the weekend my workouts were harder, due to the kind of food I ate, I think. I just feel better when I'm eating right. It just can get so easy to get off track, so easy to give in to those cravings (that taste good for the moment, but are they really worth it?)

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