Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week 34: Back Again

After doing the 3 Day Refresh, I realized that I probably could cut down a little bit on what I had been eating and be okay. I also realized that I needed to sort of "re-calibrate" my eating plan. And I suggest you do that, too, especially if it's been a while since you've started. I had been sticking with my P90X3 plan (in my mind), but when I pulled the P90X3 nutrition guide back out, first I realized that with the weight I've lost, I needed to go down in my calories. (The nutrition guide gives you a range of calories to eat, but it's specified more as "blocks" of macronutrients to eat. So for instance, at breakfast I should have 2 proteins, 3 carbs, and 1 fat.) So where previously I've been eating 2 egg whites and a whole egg with some veggies for breakfast around 6, then having my Shakeology (which the powder counts as 2 proteins) at 8, I realized that just having my Shakeology for my breakfast is sufficient.

It was a good week to revamp what I was eating, as I was on spring break, so I could see how it works for me without having to be at work. And it worked well. I typically ate an apple with some almond butter for my morning snack. Then for lunch, we made either salmon or chicken, brown rice, and a vegetable (green beans or asparagus are my favorites!)

I also started back on my workouts. I had gotten tired of my Pump and Combat hybrid, so I had begun just doing what I felt like doing each morning, throwing in some PiYo again. It was good to revisit some of those workouts and check out improvements in my form. But I took a little time off (about 10 days), due to being sick and just needing some rest when I did the 3 Day Refresh. So I used this workout generator website (just google it) to create a hybrid program of PiYo, P90X3, and Pump. I set it for only 4 weeks, and I started on March 9 with my current challenge/accountability group that is going on. I'm really enjoying it right now. I just think that as I'm getting fitter and losing more weight, then I find that my workouts are even better. Maybe my form wasn't exactly great on some things initially (like my squats), and maybe I didn't push myself as much as I should have all the time. So going back to them, I feel like I'm seeing (or will see) even better results.

I didn't lose any more weight this week, though, but I did maintain my previous weight. Still at 28 pounds!

I loved seeing my daughter try some exercising herself. She doesn't typically see me exercise, since I go out to our detached garage when she's usually still asleep. But since I was on spring break last week, I didn't work out as early and she came out with me for a little bit of my workout. I also loved overhearing her watching something on her Kindle where they asked if they know anyone who exercises, and she said, "Mommy and Daddy." Love it! 

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